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REFIRM 2X Retinol 0.15%

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    Retinol 0.15%

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    R 2X

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    350 AED

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Refirm®0.15% Retinol for Normal Skin Refirm®

The first and unique antiwrinkle treatment with Microsponge®

Why in Microsponge®

– The Microsponge® system contains microscopic reservoirs that entrap and protect the delicate Retinol molecules.

- This revolutionary skin delivery system allows Refirm® to release continuously Retinol into the skin overtime.

- Microsponge® allows Refirm® to have the highest strength of Retinol in the market, yet be exceptionally gentle on the skin

Why in capsules

-Retinol is photosensitive: microcapsules containing Retinol enhance the stability of Retinol and prevent changes in odor and color in the final product.

-Unit dose: soft gel capsules contain the necessary quantity of Retinol in order to cover face and neck areas avoiding over dose.

Refirm® has different presentations for different skin types

Refirm® is

- a scientific advance that reduces the appearance of fine lines, helps skin repair years of sun damage and makes skin look and feel smoother and firmer.

-  scientifically superior to all Retinol products of the past, featuring the wonderful skin improving benefits of Retinol in an effective skin friendly formula.

- easy to use, fragrance free, greaseless, anti comedogenic and non acnegenic.

Refirm® efficacy 

- Refirm® is a light gel which leaves the skin smooth and soft immediately on application.

- In just 15 days the skin tone and texture is better and the face looks more radiant.

- In one month the wrinkles become less visible and age spots begin to diminish.

- Refirm® is a light gel which leaves the skin smooth and soft immediately on application.

- Promotes cell renewal and the removal of dead, dull surface cells leaving the skin with a younger and healthier appearance.

- Acts directly on the epidermis to restore the natural process by which healthy new cells gradually work their way to the surface to replace older and less vital cells.