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Emergency Cream 25 Ml

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    Emergency Cream 25 Ml

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    E 25

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 What it is:

 it is a concentrated preparation in oils acting "reservoirs" of Oxygen in a quickly absorption and active principles release emulsion. An easy application is key to obtain rapid results in tackling problems associated to skin damage.

What is contains:

Ozonized sunflower Oil collagen of Marine origin and Aloe vera for a deep moisturizing action Extract of Liquorice and 18-beta-Glycyrrhetic Acid having an anti-inflammatory action

How it works:

the Oxygen embedded and stabilized in sunflower Oil is released when is comes in contact with the living tissue, causing a quick increase in the cellular energy in the form of ATP; this phenomenon stems from the cell stimulation when it shall reduce the alcohol base peroxide bond, by means of the natural defense enzymatic system The increase in cellular activity is expressed by the skin tissue repairing processes rapidity, scientifically proven in many surveys on skin damage which go well beyond simple cosmetic treatments. This regenerating activity, combined with the renown purifying action of Ozone and Ozonized Oils, make the Emergency product crucial in treatments of irritations, flushes, moderate burns and sunburns, and any time the skin undergoes physiological alterations or alterations due to external factors.

Mechanism of Action in Topical Applications

-  Microbicidal effects in bactericidal, fungicidal and virustatic.

-  Wound cleansing effect.

-  Wound healing effect scientifically tested efficacy scientific research conducted into the activity of products containing Ozonized Oil has produces some surprising results.


 The tests conducted by a number of national and international universities have demonstrated an incontrovertible:

Increase in the skin s natural defence capacity Scientific tests carried out by contacts between Ozone and blood cells have shown that the concentration of enzymes which destroy free radicals increases. The cell improve their capacity to defend themselves naturally without the use of external barrier-effect substances. This mechanism has the undeniable advantage of lasting through the course of time and not being subject to constant applications or being rendered invalid by the skin's natural exfoliation process.

Acceleration of the skin repair processes The application of Ozonides to damaged skin leads to an increase in cell energy. Tests have demonstrated an increased information of new blood vessels with the application of Ozonized Oil compared to non-Ozonized Oil. The new veins make repair of the skin tissue occur faster, which consequently has a more organised structure.

Increase in number of fibroblasts and cell energy Damaged skin tissue treated with Ozonized Oil, compared to tissues treated with non-Ozonized Oil, demonstrate the formation of a greater number of fibroblasts. The primary activity of the fibroblast consists of producing collagen, elastin and more generally protein molecules that support the skin's elasticity. Moreover, it metabolizes degraded collagen which has fulfilled its purpose. This leads to a face which is younger and more toned, burting with energy and vitality.

sanitisation and purification of the skin and total cutaneous tolerability The oxidation potential the Ozonized Oil is less than that of pure gaseous Ozone, but its action against micro- organisms that tend to flourish on the epidermis is still considerable. Compared to traditional Sanitisers, the advantage of Ozonized Oils is consistent because its proven capacity to control micro-organisms work in conjunction with the properties that revitalise the skin's tissue. The action it has thus sanitises the skin and restores the epithelial cells at the same time; a unique characteristic that forms the basis for the unrivalled efficacy of this active principle

How to use:

apply the product on the area involved, even several times during the day, as needed, and according to the doctor's suggestions. Evening application is recommended


skin alterations quickly recede, irritations resulting from excessive exposition to UV radiations are limited and blocked, acne spots tend to dry up very rapidly.


the product is formulated with raw materials and active ingredient which have been tested and are safely tolerated by the skin; hence, it does not present, under normal condition of use, any particular contra-indications. The typical Ozone smell is a guarantee of the Oxygen content activity. Keep in a cool and dark place. Avoid contact with eyes and periocular area.