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RETI Q FORTE 4% Hydroquinone + 0.15% Retinol

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    4% Hydroquinone + 0.15% Retinol

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Reti-Q® Forte


Reti-Q® Forte: 4% Hydroquinone + 0.15% Retinol gel



Quick onset of action…See improvement in as few as 4 weeks

Reti-Q® Forte is a safe, steroid-free formulation that can be used both for acute and maintenance therapy Effective and Safe for hyperpigmentation

Reti-Q® Forte is the only hydroquinone and retinol, both formulated in Poly-Pore® technology.

Retinol provides improvement in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while enhances the skin’s health. With Poly-Pore®Technology


Benefits of HQ and Retinol entrapment in Poly-Pore®:


●Provides point-specific antioxidant protection to HQ and Retinol

●It helps to protect HQ and Retinol from oxidation

●Delivers active ingredients along the day.

●Reduces irritation associated to HQ and Retinol

●Helps to reduce shine and maintain even appearance

Poly-Pore® Technology provides excellent stability and time release for HQ and Retinol resulting in a high efficacy and excellent safety. 

Reti-Q® Forte : Truly new and truly innovative

Instructions for use:

In the first week, use Reti-Q® Forte gel on alternate days, at night, on the affected areas.

After the first week use Reti-Q® Forte daily at night.


As with all Hydroquinone / Retinol products, you may experience a mild tingling or redness.

It is a must the use of a high SPF sunscreen during the day such as ProZone® gel while being on treatment. In case of irritation, discontinue the use of the product and consult your doctor.


Reti-Q® Forte: 20g gel tube