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LIGHTEN DAB - Vit C - Vit E - Lycopene

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    DAB - Vit C - Vit E - Lycopene

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A truly new none-hydroquinone formulation for the treatment of hyperpigmentation that enhances the efficacy for all types of skin

Lighten® A pool of active ingredients works in synergy:

- Natural Boldinederivative (DAB)

- Pure Vitamin C in Microsponge®

- Lipophilic pro-Vitamin C

- Vitamin E acetate

- Special licorice extract very rich in glabridin

- Lycopene (Tomato extract)


The product lightens the skin

The product makes the skin more radiant

The product evens the complexion

The product lessens the hyperpigmended areas



–The slowdown of the pigmentation activity

–The epidermal renewal with melanin-poor cells

–DAB brings a new perspective to influence the mechanism of melanogenesis

–Synergistic effects with Arbutin or Melaslowämay allow for a global approach


Vitamin C

Inhibition of melanin synthesis:

Vitamin C has been tested and reported in journal of American Academy of Dermatology to inhibit the production of melanin, a lighter and brighter skin will reveal in just few weeks.


Vitamin E

•The vitamin E is well known for its antioxidant capabilities.

Antioxidants protect vital cell structures by neutralizing molecules called “free radicals”. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced from sources like air pollution, radiation and peroxides. Free radical damage can occur throughout the body’s several systems and ultimately lead to many diseases .

•Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and stabilize cell membranes

by providing the electrons needed to complete the unstable cell. Vital skin cells need to be protected by antioxidants. This is why the incorporation of antioxidants like vitamin E into skincare products is so important. Vitamin E skin care products are an essential part of a daily healthy skin regimen .



Although not considered an essential nutrient, research has shown that lycopenemay have various benefits for human health. As a major carotenoidin human blood, lycopeneprotects against oxidative damage to lipids, proteins, and DNA. Lycopeneis a potent quencher of singlet oxygen (a reactive form of oxygen), which suggests that it may have comparatively stronger antioxidant properties than other major plasma carotenoids.



Why in Microsponge®


– The Microsponge® system contains microscopic reservoirs that entrap and protect the delicate ingredients molecules.


- This revolutionary skin delivery system allows Lighten® to release continuously the active ingredients into the skin overtime.


- Microsponge® allows Lighten® to have the highest strength of active ingredients in the market, yet be exceptionally gentle on the skin






Why in capsules


-DAB is photosensitive: microcapsules containing active ingredients enhance the stability of Vitamins and prevent changes in odor and color in the final product.


-Unit dose: soft gel capsules contain the necessary quantity of active ingredients in order to cover face and neck areas avoiding over dose.




Instructions for use:


Wash face with a suitable cleanser such as Clarifying Cleanser® and dry well before application. Use one lighten capsule in the morning or at night, unless otherwise directed by your physician. Twist off the top of the capsule,

squeeze gel onto fingertips and apply evenly to clean dry skin gently dapping until absorbed. Each capsule contains enough gel for one application.

Use a suitable sunscreen with high SPF, such as ProZone® before exposure to sunlight.

30 Softgel Capsules                            Net wt.: 0.35 fl oz.





-Lighten® was found to significantly increase skin lightness.

-Measurements after both 4 and 8 weeks of regular application show a good performance of the Lighten®.

-Visible effects were obtained on both Southern European and Asian skin types.

-After 8 weeks of treatment the lightening effect was found in 95% Lighten®.

A truly new formulation for the treatment of hyperpigmentation that enhances the efficacy for all types of skin