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PIGMENTATION CONTROL KIT Reti Q Forte-Lighten-Prozon-Clarifying

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    Reti Q Forte-Lighten-Prozon-Clarifying

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Anti Hyperpigmentation Kit

Micro-Derm® New Science in Anti Hyperpegmentation

The first and unique Anti Hyperpegmentation treatment with Microsponge®




 Reti-Q Plus

 20g Tube



 30 softgel capsule jar


 ProZone SPF 100

 50 g tube


 Clarifying Cleanser

 100 ml bottle


Why in capsules?

Capsules are used to enhance the stability of active ingredients such as Vitamin C and Retinol. It also prevents changes in odor and color in the final product.

Capsules provide unit dose: soft gel capsules contain the necessary quantity of Active Ingredients in order to cover face and neck areas avoiding over dose.


Microsponge Delivery System and PolyPore Technology

The Microsponge System contains Microscopic reservoirs that entrap and protect the delicate molecules. It releases active Ingredients continuously into the skin overtime while reducing the Irritation associated usually irritant ingredient such as HQ and Retinol. It reduces shine and maintains even appearance.


Kit Cosmetic Benefits:

-      Smooth Silky Feeling on the Skin immediately on application.

-     Powder Sensation.

-  Oil absorbance so Greaseless.

-   Allow Active Ingredients to reach the smallest crevices on the skin surface.


Reti-Q Forte

- Effective & Safe product for Hyperpigmention.

- Free from steroid, so it can be used for both Acute and Maintenance therapy.

- Available in 2 formulas for Sensitive and Tolerant Skin.


Lighten® Benefits:

Lighten® A pool of active ingredients works in synergy:

- Natural Boldinederivative (DAB)

- Pure Vitamin C in Microsponge®

- Lipophilic pro-Vitamin C

- Vitamin E acetate

- Special licorice extract very rich in glabridin

- Lycopene (Tomato extract)


The product lightens the skin

The product makes the skin more radiant

The product evens the complexion

The product lessens the hyperpigmended areas



ProZone® Benefits:

- 10% Melanin in Microsponge; melanin is the most important factor in photo-protection of the skin.

- Highly light absorption ultraviolet UVA, B, C and visible range.

- ProZone® is SPF100 sunscreen.

- In gel form, oil free, greaseless, gives the applicant powder sensation.

- Non comedogenic, hypoallergenic.

- For adults and children-resistant to water and water perspiration.

- Use with our medication.


Clarifying Cleanser Benefits:

- Cleanser for all skin types including sensitive skin using skin HAA and PHAs.

- Soap free-oil free-fragrance free.

- Gentle exfoliates the skin, primary function to remove dirt, oil, bacteria from the skin.

- Provides moisturisation, not cause dryness like soaps.

- Use it before our medication.

How to use:

  1. Always wash your face morning and evening using Clarifying Cleanser and dry gently.
  2. Use Reti-Q Forte every day in the evening on dark areas of the skin on clean face.
  3. Use Lighten every day in the morning on dark areas of the skin on clean face.
  4. Use one capsule of Eyelight on dark areas around the eyes during the first week on alternate days, then use one capsule per day.
  5. Use ProZone SPF100 everyday 10-15 minutes after applying any other cream.