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Anti Acne Kit

Micro-Derm® New Science in in Anti Acne

The first and unique Anti Acne treatment with Microsponge®

 PRODUCT  Pack  Quantities
 BenzoMic®  20g Tube  2
 Emergency  50g tube


 Oily Skin Solution  100 ml bottle  1
 Acne Derm  Soap  1
 Clarifying Cleanser  100 ml bottle  1


Microsponge Delivery System and PolyPore Technology

The Microsponge System contains Microscopic reservoirs that entrap and protect the delicate molecules. It releases active Ingredients continuously into the skin overtime while reducing the Irritation associated usually irritant ingredient such as Salicylic acid, HQ and Retinol. It reduces shine and maintains even appearance.


Kit Cosmetic Benefits:

- Smooth Silky Feeling on the Skin immediately on application.

- Powder Sensation.

- Oil absorbance so Greaseless.

-  Allow Active Ingredients to reach the smallest crevices on the skin surface.


AcniDerm® Benefits:

-  Helps clear blemishes and wpes excesive oil from skin without irritation

-  Has anticeptic, astringen and anti-irritantproperties.

-  Antimicrobal action, protects against infection



BenzoMic® Benefits:

- BenzoMic® contains PolyPore entrapped Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO), a well known and effective topical acne agent which targets prominently bacterial colonization.

       BPO :

-   works by releasing free radical oxygen upon administration which oxidizes bacterial Proteins in sebaceous follicles, decreasing the quantity of irritating free fatty acids and of anaerobic bacteria.

-   Has keratolytic and comedolytic effects and

-   Has been shown to reduce sebum synthesis.

Emergency Benefits:

- Increase in the skin s natural defence capacity Scientific tests carried out by contacts between Ozone and blood cells have shown that the concentration of enzymes which destroy free radicals increases.

-  Acceleration of the skin repair processes The application of Ozonides to damaged skin leads to an increase in cell energy.

- Increase in number of fibroblasts and cell energy Damaged skin tissue treated with Ozonized Oil, compared to tissues treated with non-Ozonized Oil, demonstrate the formation of a greater number of fibroblasts. This leads to a face which is younger and more toned, burting with energy and vitality.

-  sanitisation and purification of the skin and total cutaneous tolerability


ProZone® Benefits:

- 10% Melanin in Microsponge; melanin is the most important factor in photo-protection of the skin.

-  Highly light absorption ultraviolet UVA, B, C and visible range.

-  ProZone® is SPF100 sunscreen.

-  In gel form, oil free, greaseless, gives the applicant powder sensation.

-  Non comedogenic, hypoallergenic.

-  For adults and children-resistant to water and water perspiration.

-  Use with our medication.


Clarifying Cleanser Benefits:

Cleanser for all skin types including sensitive skin using skin HAA and PHAs.

-  Soap free-oil free-fragrance free.

-  Gentle exfoliates the skin, primary function to remove dirt, oil, bacteria from the skin.

-  Provides moisturisation, not cause dryness like soaps.

-  Use it before our medication.


Oily Skin Solution

- Formulated with an optimal blend of 8% Glycolic acid (AHA) and Chlorhexidine di-gluconate especially combined to improve skin texture and tone and result in a healthier looking skin.

- Control excessive oil secretions.

- A non comedogenic light solution.

- Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

- Can be used day and night.

- An astringent preparation for oily and acne prone skin


How to use:

Always wash your face morning and evening using Clarifying Cleanser and dry gently.

-  Use Acne Derm® on affected area every day in the morning on clean face.

-  Use BenzoMic® on affected area every day in the evening on clean face.

-  Use Emergency Twice daily in the morning & in the evening on the skin on clean face After one hour of benzomic used

-  Use Oily Skin Solution on your face whenever you see excess oil on the face by applying few drops on a clean cotton pad or a clean napkin and wipe face gently.